Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery before and after

Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is the newest and hottest cosmetic surgery being performed today. Exercising and dieting may not always on all people due to varying body types. Nevertheless, this surgery is a sure way of getting a round and voluptuous butt. This procedure lifts the butt and affirms its roundness. This new technique varies from an identical procedure commonly known as butt implants, which involves using a patient’s own body fat. The surgery is a double benefit if the two surgeries are combined simultaneously.


How is brazilian butt lift surgery performed?

This surgery uses a patient’s own body fat (autologous fat) transfer. The autologous is lip suctioned from other parts of the patient, for instance, the abdomen, arms, thighs or love handles. The donor fat is then collected, purified and reinserted into the butt. The fat is reinserted into various areas and to certain depths to create a fully round look called the Brazilian butt lift. This butt lift procedure requires a doctor to be highly skilled and careful to make sure the reinsertion goes according to plan.

Outcome of a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

The major issue with the fat transfer process is how much of the reinserted fat will survive and the amount that will dissolve. Not all of the reinserted fat will survive. A properly done procedure sees roughly 65-85% of the reinserted fat survive will the other percentage is reabsorbed by the body. A lack of blood supply is the reason behind dying of fat cells once fat is reinserted into the body. A surgeon injects the fat as deep and as close as possible to the muscle tissue as possible to increase the chances of the fat’s survival.

After the surgery, it is normal for a patient to have swellings. Swelling and fat survival makes the results of the surgery seem a little different, say 3 to 4 months down the road.

Brazilian butt lift workout

All said and done, there is an alternative to surgery: Brazilian butt lift workout. Victoria Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio has awed the public with her sultry curves and well-toned body. This gorgeous model shed 20 pounds 16 weeks after giving birth and scorched the ramp at a show thanks to butt lift program designed by Leandro Carvalho.

Brazilian Butt Craze

brazilian buttlift

Brazilian beauties have lit up the fashion world thanks in part to their most attractive feature; their butt. This has lead to a craze and even the development of a fitness program, Brazilian plastic surgery and workouts that give women the bum of their dreams.

While not everyone would want to undergo a surgery, the best alternative is the butt workouts. These workouts are conducted by a trained fitness instructor and under a strict diet plan.

It is vital to choose a reputable to ensure you get the best results possible.

Brazilian buttlift

brazilian butt lift

Leandro’s Brazilian buttlift workout DVD’s have reportedly rendered impeccable figures to to top bikini, super models, models, samba dancers and ballerinas. The program has even caught the eye of top magazines such as; Marie Claire, New York Magazine and Vogue.