Modern Business Tips

Follow these tips to grow your modern business. If you want to increase company growth and maximize profit follow these simple and easy tips. One of the first questions every small-busines owner must consider is whether to operate as a sole proprietorship or as a corporate entity. These modern business tips can really jump your start your company.



Staying Awake while Driving

You may not be aware that there are some actions in your body that you have no control over, or probably you may just be ignorant. Try it now; force a stop on your yawning. How did it go? Oh may be you have managed it, this is just one of the involuntary actions that we have no control over. Sleep is one such that you can do very little to control, c’mon! Do not get scared, but the truth is, when you are asleep you are half dead, don’t even think about it.

After a long day in the office, long trip or over eating, you are the driver you cannot keep your head upright, being the custodian of your life at this point, it is your call to make, whether you want to live or you are just fade up and death through road accident is an option to you. It is not that I care so much about your life, well, I may; but I just want to help you breathe at least for one more day. At least an opportunity to go home and say good bye to your favorite meal before you die tomorrow. These tips would no doubt help you stay awake while driving.


Eating While Driving

Eating while driving keeps you active, this is because your brain get jogged and active, this does not present opportunity to heavy feeding, trust me, over eating in this circumstance may accelerate your chances of dozing off. It is important that you know exactly what to eat, take energizers, such drinks increases your alertness levels. Slowly eat snacks if you have some by your side. Ensure that you take no sugar; sugar easily prompts drowsiness to your system. Did you hear me say eat bitter or sour food? No, you didn’t, so the reverse of my statement is not applicable whatsoever. Have some chewing gums, they keep your mouth occupied hence mind.

Stay Awake While Driving

Reduce the temperature in the vehicle

High temperatures increase the rate of body function hence facilitating fatigue. You can easily regulate your body temperature by ensuring that the car ventilators allows for sufficient cool air to blow in. Some of us have “old” cars with non-functional ventilators, which is not bad. But, open the car windows!

Listen to Music

Music will do the trick here, music engages mind, of course it must not be dull music, and this will do nothing more than to accelerate your sleeping / dozing off chances. Go for some craze! After all it is your car, loose your head through nodding to the music tune, this keeps you so much awake. If the music if familiar sing along, it doesn’t break any bone even if you have no idea about the song, just fumble. It makes you better.

Adjust Car settings

It is appropriate that you are not very comfortable in the vehicle, when you are tired and comfortably seated in the vehicle, there is every chance that you fall asleep. Positioning your car seat in few and far between position may slightly trouble your brain making you attentive and alert to the situation.



Generally, roads have been globally voted as one of the major causes of deaths, these deaths results from simple road usage mistakes such as driving while dozing, the above highlighted tips may just help you avoid premature deaths. Follow them keenly if you are prone to such compromising situation.